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Malaysian Timber "Nyatoh"

Nyatoh is a standard Malaysian name for timbers of Sapotaceae family and their colours range from light pink to red-brown. These timbers are principally from Palaquium, Ganua and Payena genera.

The Palaquium genus account for a large part of Malaysian Nyatoh. It consist of a wide range of species and exhibits many properties. The Palaquium timber weights from fairly light to extremely heavy. In fact two species from the Palaquium genus have been excluded from Nyatoh classification due to their high density. The existing classification maintained, Nyatoh wood is light to moderately heavy and in some cases very heavy, with density ranging from 400 -1075 kgs/m3 (25- 67 lb/ft3) air dried.

Nyatoh has a very good reputation as a fine textured and easy to work timber.It is much sought after for the manufacture of furniture and furniture components, interior furnishing, paneling, high-class cabinet and parquet flooring. The timberis also used for the production of plywood, both rotary peeled as well as sliced. For the above uses the lighter species are preferred, as the heavier speciesare not so attractive as well as being more difficult to work.

The heavier species are suitable for medium to heavy construction works. This include heavy-duty flooring, door and window frames, heavy-duty furniture, boxes,crates and wooden pallets.

Nyatoh is equivalent to Nato of the Philippines, Masang in Thailand and Nyatuh in Indonesia.






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