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Slumberland Beautiful Sleep Just Got Better

Have you ever thought that having enough of quality sleep each day will make you a healthier and more productive person? Slumberland, a famous premium brand for mattress has always believed to produce quality bedding system for its customers. Having joined world’s largest bedding group base in Sweden – the Hilding Anders Group since 2006, the company continue to join the force for the mission to give the world a good night’s sleep.

Newly launched Slumberland TempSmart Warwick is the mattress you should look for. It combines comfort, durability, innovation, luxury and quality as the main feature for its design. These are the secret elements for that make TempSmart Warwick mattress a perfect sleep system:

1) Pocketed Posture Springing System PPS1600

The heart of the mattress is made with Pocketed Posture Spring PPS1600 Springing System. Posture Spring is woven from a continuous high-tensile steel wire. Being interlinked, Posture Spring is connected together as a team of interlinking springs so that they would not sag. Arranged in a unique triangular formation, these springs take vertical and horizontal pressures without distortion and work together to provide even body support from head-to-toe. The unique triangular design also allows a higher number of springs to be fitted into each mattress. That’s why Slumberland mattresses have at least 2 times more springs than ordinary mattresses. With more springs, one gets better support and more sleeping comfort.

2) TempSmartTM Mattress Fabric for Consistent Micro Temperature

Slumberland TempSmart Warwick mattresses panel fabric has the feature of NASA-inspired MicroTemperature Control that maintains optimum body temperature during sleep. TempSmartTM mattress cover contains microcapsules which could adapt to your skin’s microclimate to store excess heat and release it when you feel cold. This phase change takes place in a temperature range equal to your ideal skin temperature, resulting in a consistent and comfortable microclimate next to your skin.

3) Luxurious Horse Hair as Natural Fibre for Ventilation

Added with the natural goodness taken from the manes of horses, horse hair is premium quality natural fibre for regulate body temperature, dissipate moisture and further improve sleeping comfort with superb resilience. Slumberland specifically chosen the high quality horse hair imported from Europe. The source of horse hair material has been tested by a number of independent European research institutes and they have found it completely free from allergens.

4) Premium Quality Non Toxic Natural Latex

Slumberland chooses only premium quality latex for use in its mattresses. Slumberland TempSmart Warwick mattress used natural latex sheet layer that enhances the firmness of the mattress with the elastic feeling, supports your body comfortably and also reduces effects of body impression.

5) Matching Bedframe with Posture Spring System and Anti-Skid Feature

You could even pair up TempSmart Warwick mattress with Warwick Bedframe, a modern European style, minimalist designed headboard and spring divan. Embed with unique Posture Spring System, Warwick Divan acts as large shock absorber that increases mattress life span up to 68% (Reported by American Inner Spring Manufacturer, AIM). Warwick Divan is fixed with castors and glides to ensure that the bed can be moved around with a minimum of effort to ease house-keeping process. Good news is the Posture Spring divan now comes with anti-skid feature to keep your mattress in position.

Warwick Bedframe available in Brown Colour Only. (Material : Fabric) .

Variety Bedframes are also available, Kindly refer to Slumberland Bedframe <<




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